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In Writer’s Workshop, our students are learning how to add details to their illustrations.  We read “When Sophie gets Angry, Really, Really Angry” and paid close attention to the colors and details.  During work time, they drew a picture of a time they became really angry. As you can see, the students outlined their people in colors that represented how they were feeling, just as the illustrator did.

Math Journals

Our students are learning how to “do” math, but they are also learning how to articulate what they are learning. Math journals are a great way for students to organize and record their work without the structure of a worksheet. They support students’ learning because, in order to get their ideas on paper, children must organize, clarify, and reflect on their thinking.


This nine weeks we have learned how to label our pictures. As an introduction we practiced labeling Mrs. Bennett’s body parts. The students had a great time!

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